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ACTE is being organized to promote professional and business exchange around audiovisual content and technologies in one place. Our sales team can help you find a solution that meets your participation goals and marketing budget. We will offer you our technical and commercial support to generate new commercial opportunities, from booking an exhibition space, quote a tailor made booth, or choose from the variety of sponsorship and speaking options, in some of the available places and rooms. Options: • Booths • Sponsorships & Activations • Speakers opportunities Find your best contact option in the following link

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Participation Options
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Commercial Contact

Assistant Manager ACTE:

María de los Angeles Troncoso

Assistant Commercial Manager FISA S.A

Fono: +562 2530 7231

Commercial Area:

Margarita Vásquez


Fono: +56 2 25307239

Commercial Area:

Magdalena De Castro M

Business Manager FISA S.A

Fono: +562 2530 7020