ACTE is organized jointly by Fisa of the GL events Group and the Fundación Más Industria Audiovisual. FISA S.A., is the founder of the exhibition sector in Chile, with more than 60 years of experience, which today has a portfolio of +15 exhibitions and congresses of the main productive sectors of the country. It brings yearly more than 5,000 brands, + 2,000 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors. GL events was born in France in 1978, and today it is a global player located in more than 20 countries, which has a portfolio of +300 exhibitions, manages more than 40 venues totaling more than 1 million m2, organizes more than 4,000 events – several in the audiovisual sector, receiving more than 11 million visitors and exhibitors per year. Fundación Más Industria Audiovisual A non-profit foundation with legal status, whose main objective is to promote the Chilean audiovisual industry as a strategic cluster, with a high level of qualitative and quantitative training. It works to generate opportunities and platforms that make the audiovisual industry grow, with a focus on training, joint efforts, resource management and the dissemination of the main activities in the sector. Its objectives are: • Training: Contribute to raising the level of professionals in the Chilean audiovisual industry to international standards. • Platform: Generate attractive and powerful opportunities for top professionals to contribute to the development of the Chilean Audiovisual Industry. • Financing: To be an entity that allows to attract resources with tax benefits for the development of audiovisual and cultural projects in general. • Dissemination: Communicate in an organic way the advances of the Chilean audiovisual industry.

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Assistant Manager ACTE:

María de los Angeles Troncoso

Assistant Commercial Manager FISA S.A

Fono: +562 2530 7231

Commercial Area:

Margarita Vásquez


Fono: +56 2 25307239

Commercial Area:

Magdalena De Castro M

Business Manager FISA S.A

Fono: +562 2530 7020