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a. Technology and innovation • Computer equipment, accessories and software • Multimedia & Internet • Equipment and accessories for cinemas • Lighting and projection • Structures, equipment and cables for recording • Video games and FX (special effects) • Audio equipment • Cameras, Accessories and Others • Video Recorders and Accessories • Broadcasting and television transmitters • Photographic plates and films • Audiovisual services, etc. b. Contents, financing, education • Institutional agencies and countries offering filming shoots • Investing and banking • Audiovisual production, video games, animation, advertising, etc. • TV channels and digital platforms • Training schools • Festivals, audiovisual events and related institutions • Press, etc.

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María de los Angeles Troncoso

Assistant Commercial Manager FISA S.A


Fono: +562 2530 7231

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Margarita Vásquez



Fono: +56 2 25307239

Commercial Area:

Magdalena De Castro M

Business Manager FISA S.A


Fono: +562 2530 7020