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ACTE Connect is a platform designed for registration from the web, mobile phones and tablets, developed by Fisa of GL events Group. Thus, ACTE will be organized in a hybrid format (virtual and face-to-face modality), allowing exhibitors and visitors to connect before, during and after the event. With ACTE Connect, exhibitors will be able to: • Create an exhibitor profile with information about its company and present your offer of technologies, products and services • Upload its products in a marketplace, which has a quick and advanced search filter for easy navigation. • Contact and connect with visitors to the event, and have professional meetings • Make presentations in case of virtual participation or attend to the talks in some of the 2 scenarios available • Generate a record of contacts made and obtain a reported of people visiting its exhibitor profile • Obtain online support for the use of the platform All registered person (exhibitors and visitors) will be able to create a profile and follow the presentations, activations, demonstrations, among other activities live through the ACTE Connect platform, or later on demand, since it will be online for 6 months (from 2 months prior to the event up to 4 months later).

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Assistant Manager ACTE:

María de los Angeles Troncoso

Assistant Commercial Manager FISA S.A

Fono: +562 2530 7231

Commercial Area:

Margarita Vásquez


Fono: +56 2 25307239

Commercial Area:

Magdalena De Castro M

Business Manager FISA S.A

Fono: +562 2530 7020