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ACTE will be the meeting place of the Chilean audiovisual industry in one place with national and international actors for the promotion, marketing, relationship and strengthening of the audiovisual industry in Chile, throughout its chain. The event expects: • To continue promoting Chilean image and the country as a filming destination in the audiovisual market. • To show achievements and local audiovisual production capacity • To attract new sources of financing and actors, national and internationally • To introduce new technologies, educational aspects and content not available in the Chilean market • To exchange experiences and knowledge at a time of high creativity and production of the local industry • To bring experience and global networking from GL events audiovisual to Chile

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Assistant Manager ACTE:

María de los Angeles Troncoso

Assistant Commercial Manager FISA S.A


Fono: +562 2530 7231

Commercial Area:

Margarita Vásquez



Fono: +56 2 25307239

Commercial Area:

Magdalena De Castro M

Business Manager FISA S.A


Fono: +562 2530 7020